Top 5 Chapter Titles


I very rarely pay attention to these as they can be massive plot spoilers, or they are boring, and sometimes they are even misleading. Anyhoo. Rage over.

These are the Top 5 Chapter Titles from books… (it’s actually more like the ONLY five I could think of, but they are still pretty sweet.)

Number 5: Lord of the Rings

I watched the movies before reading the book so I fell in love with them there. It was amazing to see how faithful they remained to the book by naming the movies’ chapters after the book’s chapters.


Number 4: Alice in Wonderland

Just quirky and cute. Nothing better.

CT Alice in Wonderland

Number 3: The Mortal Instruments

These aren’t always over the top and they usually don’t give anything away. I think these books (and any books by Cassandra Clare) are perfect.


Number 2: Harry Potter

I got shivers the first time I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone just from the first chapter title: The Boy Who Lived

CT Harry Potter


I have only read the first book but the chapter titles were amazing and hilarious and they slay me dead!

CT Percy Jackson


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Chapter Titles

    1. Is that the Olympians series? I have to finish the original books before going on to the next one but I am happy to hear that he has kept the epic titling!


      1. SWEET AS! Rick is a genius haha
        Aww thank you so much! It’s hard finding the time to write for it but I love doing it


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