Books For Every Occasion

A little confession:

I am completely incapable of reading one book at a time.

What is with that?

This morning I picked up my third book to read despite being at the start of two other books. It’s not that I give up on a book (usually), it’s just that what I am reading doesn’t suit my mood or I feel it won’t suit the occasion.

I started reading Jandy Nelson’s ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ at home yesterday but I needed a different book to take with me to work. There is no way I can read such a good book on the train. I need something light and easy that won’t make me cry because it makes me look like a loon when I lose my shit on public transport. So I picked up ‘My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century’ knowing it would be an easy read that wouldn’t require emotional involvement.

Today I had a longer train ride and I thought there might be a chance that I would finish my book so I had to bring another! I went with the simple and non-huge ‘A Game of Thrones’. I like a challenge. I am on the train for almost four hours so I need a big booksy. Fluffy romance just wasn’t going to cut it. I am at the start of three different books and it is ridiculous. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

Wish me luck in completing all three before the end of the month…