The Beginning

Hi persons of great intelligence. You have found me.

My name is Karina and I heart the reading, stroking, hugging, smelling and organising of books.

I have been considering creating an entire social media experience around books for a while now, and I have finally found the time and inspiration to begin… The inspiration being procrastination. I refuse to do household chores! I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FUN THAT WILL CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHERS!

So to start I am doing this blog which you will come to adore whether you want to or not. It’s super powerful like that. It will be all about books and probably other schtuff as I am incapable of maintaining a linear or coherent thought. I am considering becoming a BookTuber if time will allow some time in the next few months and if I can think of something remotely interesting to record. Yes, I will make you suffer through videos of me.

I don’t know what else there is to say at the moment. Perhaps, “Sorry”? Or, “Please don’t leave me! I am needy and require your attention.”

I will bid you adieu now, kind souls.