Project 52: January

Hello everyone!

I have returned from the dead. I am zombie. I am book zombie.

I am actually just obsessed with Instagram right now and I even tried the Booktuber life, but I don’t have the time for that at the moment so I have decided to return to my blog because I need to get my bookish thoughts out there in the open!

Also, I am major procrastinating because I don’t want to do uni work :/

Project 52

As my comeback post I thought I would show you guys my take on Project 52 which I have been participating in all of this year.

What is Project 52? 

This is a year-long book photography challenge hosted by two absolutely lovely bloggers: Josephine at Word Revel and Georgie at What Georgie Did. Each month they release a list of themes which have to be achieved each week.

How do you participate?

Better information can be found on their websites, but you take a photo each week, post it to your social media site, use the hashtag #BookishScene and then share the link to your post on either of their blogs under the specific week’s blog post. Oh, AND HAVE HEAPS OF FUN!

January | Week 1 | Bucket List

I did take a photo for this but I hated it and deleted it. I was trying too hard to be artsy and it was absolutely ridiculous.

January | Week 2 | Winter

It was the middle of Summer when I took this pic so I had to dig out my jumpers but I think this looks super cuddly. The white against the blue-grey background is also Winter-y; like snow and storm clouds.


January | Week 3 | Wanderlust

I have this so bad right now! I have been overseas twice and I need to go more. Magonia had a very Wanderlust-y feel, but also a yearning for home and normalcy.


January | Week 4 | Into the Night

So much of ADSOM is set at night and I felt like Kell and Lila were always storming into the night.


January | Week 5 | Off the Beaten Path

I haven’t read Follow Me but it has such a creepy, beautiful feel to it – follow me into the dark, magical forest…


So this was just a throwback to my January pics, and I will also stick up my February pics soon. Hopefully that will keep me on top of them from now on 🙂

I hope you feel a little inspired and want to join in. It’s such a great experience and I am having the best time testing and pushing my creativity.

Talk to you all soon xx