Top 5 Songs | 17 October to 23 October 2016


I have decided that I want to branch out a bit with this blog because there are things other than books that I love.

One of those is music. I love me some musak. I don’t really care what type of music it is, I can usually find an artist inside a genre that I can enjoy, but I definitely do love the mainstream stuff.

So I am going to attempt to give you my top 5 songs of the week every week starting from now. These will just be any five songs that I have not been able to stop listening to over the last week.

5. Blue Bayou | Roy Orbison | 1955

I have a bizarre fascination with talent shows on television and I was watching random performances from The Voice (America) and I came across someone called Alisan Porter who just nailed this song, and I had to go see who originally sang it. Should have known it would be bae.

4. This Town | Niall Horan | 2016

I am making heart eyes at this cutie patootie! I feel like this is an underrated song because it’s such an even-tempered one. There is no big chorus, it’s just peaceful and beautiful in its simplicity.

3. Lost | Major Lazer ft. MØ | 2015

This is a cover of Frank Ocean’s Lost and I feel that they have made it their own. The beat is there and I love that they have techno-ed it up. I have been listening to it non-stop for the last week so I can already feel myself hitting the “so over it” stage, but it has been a fantastic week.

2. Crash | Usher | 2016




Usher is too talented to not be performing so I am so ridiculously happy that he is releasing his own music again.

1. Fade | Kanye West | 2016

I don’t even know where to begin with this. A lot of my love comes from the video – I can not look away from Teyana dancing because she is hypnotising and such a ridiculously good dancer. But the song is also catchy and I am always sad when it ends. Maybe I am just proud of Kanye for making a video that’s not about him…