Book Review: Love Hurts by Malorie Blackman

love hurts

Book: Love Hurts

Author: Malorie Blackman

Rating: 5.8/10

This had some amazing excerpts in it and I am keen to look into some of these stories and authors now! A large problem with these is that the majority are excerpts, so when taken out of the context of the story they don’t make sense and characters are not as gripping as they could be – this is when they received a lower rating.

Here are the individual ratings for each story:

Humming Through My Fingers | Malorie Blackman: 3.5☆

This is definitely an author who I need to check out – her other excerpt from Noughts and Crosses was particularly brilliant.

More Than This | Patrick Ness: 3.5☆

I remember thinking that it was way too short because I just wanted to read more and more.

The Infinite Moment Of Us | Lauren Myracle: 2.5☆

A little too contrived for me, as in it sounded like they were trying too hard to be deep and meaningful. The characters sounded more like college-aged students rather than the teenagers they actually are.

If I Stay | Gayle Foreman: 4☆

This is one I hadn’t read yet despite its popularity. I watched the movie and was greatly disappointed and decided to avoid the books – this has made me change my mind. I will be seeking these stories out.

Tumbling | Susie Day: 5☆

Tumblr : Sherlock : Fangirls
This was so freaking cute and funny! I am incredibly upset that this is not an excerpt from a larger story but a short story in itself.

Trouble | Non Pratt: 3.5☆

The writing style was kind of awesome, but the story had me rolling my eyes a bit.

Rani And Sukh | Bali Rai: 0.5☆

I could not connect with these characters on any level. They were just so melodramatic! And the story is not something I am into – sort of Romeo and Juliet-ish from what I can gather.

You Against Me | Jenny Downham: 0.5

Stupid. I hated this. I don’t care what the characters are meant to be like, I don’t want to read about how a girl was “asking for it”.

13 Little Blue Envelopes | Maureen Johnson: 2☆

Just sort of “meh” – wasn’t good, wasn’t bad.

Junk | Melvin Burgess: 0.5☆

I can’t even comprehend what the frack was happening in this.

Noughts & Crosses | Malorie Blackman: 5☆


Gentlewoman | Laura Dockrill: 5☆

This was perfect and beautiful to read. I was disappointed (again) by the fact that this was a short story rather than an excerpt. It’s like I am being teased with something amazing!

Heroic | Phil Earle: 3☆

Another “meh” story. I didn’t feel strongly either way about this one.

Miss Lucy Had A Steamboat | David Levithan: 4☆

This was entertaining and angsty – a very good mix.

I Am The Messenger | Markus Zusak: 5☆

I have already read this entire book so it was great to reread one of my favourite scenes. There is an honesty to it that is incredible.

Grasshopper Jungle | Andrew Smith: 4☆

I am yet to read any Andrew Smith (although Winger has been sitting on my shelf for yonksies) but he is moving high up on my TBR!

Echo Boy | Matt Haig: 3.5☆

This was intriguing and had a lot of promise. If I have the time and money I may check this one out.

Forbidden | Tabitha Suzuma: 4.5☆

I had already heard a million amazing things about this story and I can already tell it is going to be a heartbreaker. So many feels.

Endless Love | Lauren Kate: 2.5☆

I am not a huge fan of the Fallen series so I am not a huge fan of this excerpt. I don’t believe the relationship between Luce and Daniel to be that fantastic. It can even be a little horrendous at times.

Midwinterblood | Marcus Sedgwick: 0.5☆

This was another one where I was just confused because of the lack of context. The title of this book is “Love Hurts” and it was about some person choking on water. Mmmk!

The Liar’s Girl | Catherine Johnson: 4☆

Much good! The writing is pretty spectacular. It kept me intrigued and I am excited to read something else by Johnson in the future.

The Unicorn | James Dawson: 3☆

Not a huge fan of flashbacks in writing, and the relationship in this, although very interesting and most likely a fairly accurate representation of homosexuality during that time, lacked something.

Northern Lights | Philip Pullman: 0.5☆

Too short to mean anything or cause any feelings.

We Were Liars | E. Lockhart: 4☆

This is another that I have already read so it was good to revisit one of those amazing, doomed relationships.


Top 5 Books I Will Never Read

Now these aren’t necessarily books I have hated, they are mostly ones that I have tried to read and they have failed to capture my interest for some reason –  or in No. 5’s case it has offended me with its terrible-ness.

1. A Clockwork Orange – tried it once and my brain melted. It was like reading a foreign language.


2. There is a very big possibility that I won’t pick up The Book Thief ever again as well. Zero intentions of finishing it as I did not find the storytelling to be that great, especially when compared to his other epic book ‘I am the Messenger’.

book thief

3. Most non-fiction books – fiction gal 4 lyf ✌


4. Most YouTuber books – really doesn’t float my boat. Physics floats my boat.