Top 5 Wednesday | Favourite Non-Canon Ships

This was so difficult because there is a reason that I love authors: they give me exactly what I want in my Ship Life.

But I did find 5, some I feel more strongly about than others.

WARNING: This will contain spoilers and I apologise if you are spoiled by anything I say, but really, you’ve brought doom upon yourselves…

5. Alina and the Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

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I haven’t finished this trilogy because I had issues with the second book, but I did find out what happened between these two and the disappointment was a bit strong. I just love me a bad boy!

4. Victor and Eli from Vicious by VE Schwab

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Romance was not the point of this book but I totally got sexy vibes from these two. Can’t be this much hate and anger without the love.

3. Robin and Cormoran from the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)

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It physically hurt to read Robin getting married to a human that is not Cormoran. I adore these two to bits and they need each other more than I need oxygen. If I donate my oxygen can Queen Rowling please make it happen?

2. Theodore and Violet from All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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Hmm not sure if it counts but they don’t end up together. THEY DON’T END UP WITH ANYONE!

I can’t. I just can’t. There aren’t words to describe the pain this book caused. Please go read the thing if you haven’t yet.

1. Sam and Celaena from the Throne of Glass series  (The Assassin’s Blade) by Sarah J Maas

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These two are my precious smoosh face babies and it broke something in me to not see them together. If you want to be emotionally crippled then defs go read this book.

Don’t get me wrong, Rowan is a babe and a half, but with Sam being a part of Aelin’s/Celaena’s past I can’t fully enjoy him. I just can’t ship them as hard. Samlaena 5lyf!

0.5 Me and Rhysand from my Imagination

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Top 5 Anticipated Pre-Orders for 2015


Here are my Top 5-ish. I am going to pretend that I can’t count and that will be why there are more than five here. Cough.

Here. WE. GOOO!

On the 1st of September, 2015:

Top5 Queen of Shadows

This is legitimately one of my favourite series at the moment and I can’t wait to read more about Celaena. I feel like I have been waiting for this book for a bajillion years – which is a completely accurate measurement of time.

On the 8th of September, 2015:

Top5 Stand Off

JDGJKFGCVNXMCVIUSYJSKFOAISGJHDFJGFKHGDFGFPSGITUEJFDDVL!! <– This is the only way I am able to express my feelings about this sequel.  Just a tad excited.

On the 6th of October, 2015:

Top5 Carry On

Now I am not the biggest fan of Rowell’s – don’t get me wrong, I love her books and I am excited for this but I am not making inarticulate screeches because of it. I am hoping for a winner here.

On the 20th of October, 2015:

Top5 Career of Evil

Queen Rowling – as Galbraith – is back! I absolutely adore her crime novels and I can’t wait to mentally munch on this.

On the 3rd of November, 2015:

Top5 The Revolution of Ivy

These are my feelings:

On the 10th of November, 2015 we have two releases. TWO!

Top5 November 9


Top5 Soundless

A new book by one of my all-time favourite authors? Put me down for 57. Thanks.

Half-Yearly Report

My darling friend created this questionnaire to help us figure out all our book feelings from over the last six months and it is super fun! JOIN JOIN JOIN!

How many books have you read so far this year?

SRC half

What has been your favourite read?

In the Shadow of Blackbirds| Cat Winters

All the Bright Places| Jennifer Niven

Jasper Jones| Craig Silvey

Were you surprised by any books you read?

Red Rising | Pierce Brown

red rising

Did any books disappoint you?

Tomorrow, When the War Began | John Marsden

john marsden

What character did you connect to most?

Celaena Sardothien when reading The Assassin’s Blade – Calaena’s back story helped create a much more powerful character who I somehow love even more!


What are you excited to read before the end of the year?

Queen of Shadows | Sarah J Maas – can’t half tell which author I love…


Have you read your most anticipated book of 2015 yet, and if so was it worth it?

Black Iris | Leah Raedar AND YES! Beyond epic

black iris

Have you discovered any new favourite authors or series?

Maria V Snyder

Jennifer Niven

Cat Winters

Stephanie Perkins

His Fair Assassin series

Darkest London series

Book Review: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J Maas

BR_Heir of Fire

*Post may contain spoilers* – you need to take my advice and just read the series; you would be doing yourselves a favour.

What the series is about:

This badass female character – Calaena Sardothien – is an 18-year old assassin who is “rescued” from a slave camp after a year of doing hard labour and being tortured. I say “rescued” as the son of the King who placed her there in the first place is the one who gets her out so that she can compete to become said King’s champion … the champion does all the King’s dirty work, and no, I don’t mean cleaning his stanky-arse pantaloons.

It’s hard to describe without giving too much away, but Maas masterfully unfolds this world of magic, mystery and action. She builds this character who is incredibly strong, yet broken; she knows she is flawed and has weaknesses but is given the tools to overcome them. And she has a bitchin’ wardrobe. I can not adequately describe how much I love Calaena.

The men:

You can not have a YA story these days without some romance, and some swoon-worthy male characters. Maas does not disappoint. On one hand you have Prince Dorian who saved her from the mines and shares her love of reading – they have companionship. On the other hand you have Captain Westfall who is in charge of the King’s Guard and helps Calaena train so that she can regain the strength and will to win the competition.

GIF_Fans Self

This book:

*definite spoilers – avert thine eyes*

Firstly, you are going to need a third hand because HOT DAMN there is another man that enters the picture. His name is Rowan and you are going to love/hate him. Without going too deeply into the events of previous books, Calaena is sent away to learn more about a specific kind of magic and Rowan is the one that gets to decide when she can learn more. Rowan becomes a much needed friend to Calaena and you are going to love how their story unfolds.

I found myself getting very annoyed by Calaena during the the first half of this book – she is a deep, depressing spiral as she can’t stop blaming herself for the death’s of certain people. The guilt almost suffocates her. The more you read, the more you realise she needs to hit rock bottom so that she can then use that strength to become a better, stronger person.

When a book is in mid-series I am always concerned that the author will use it as a stepping stone for the last couple of books instead of making it a book in its own right. I thought this was happening at first: a lot of events were taking place that seemed very preparatory, but there are underlying events that take place which allow this one to stand on its own (PRAISE THE LORDE!)

What I really love about her series is that each book shows you a little more of the universe, so you aren’t flooded by all this information about a fantasy universe in the first book. You are slowly introduced to places and characters that have different levels of importance and it keeps you on your toes. You just never know what is going to happen.

Another beautifully-written book by Maas. I am so thankful that this is an author I started reading.

Rating: 5/5